JLF provides mentoring to students who are serious about pursuing a college education, but desire further knowledge to pursue this endeavor. We provide students and their family with the counseling and support necessary to obtain a degree. Starting in the junior year of high school, students are matched with a mentor who supports them throughout the college experience.  In this way, students feel more success and confidences. We provide the resources of knowledge to promote positive experiences while graduating. Mentoring is considered the key component to success in college.


Mentoring is considered an effective strategy to keep at-risk high school students from dropping out and 

Mentors can:

  • Ensure that students stay on track academically

  • Improve student engagement in school

  • Model positive and respectful behavior

  • Help achieve educational or career goals

  • Provide advice about postsecondary options

  • Develop conflict resolution skills



If you are interested in finding an mentor or becoming a mentor email mentors@juliaslearningfoundation.org